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Your Questions
Question: "How is this
any different from the free
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on the internet?"

Answer: This is a
complete weight loss
program. It takes up where
the free recipe leaves off.
Helps you continue to lose
pounds and inches...
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Would you like to lose 45 pounds or more... while eating three full meals a day of delicious "regular food"... and never getting hungry?

You're about to find out how!

After you "jump-start" your weight loss with Lillie's free "Souper Soup Recipe," you need to graduate to a balanced diet strategy to not only keep that weight off... but continue to lose at a healthy clip until you reach your weight goal.

If you're like most of us, you've tried all the fad diets.

We wasted our time and money, didn't we? With some of them we got so hungry we were ready to tear out our hair. Many of us have also gone the diet pill route.

(We're darn fortunate the pills didn't kill us.)

So, how are we to lose the weight we want to lose and keep it off?

The very best weight loss advice we have found is from the young lady who is taking the diet world by storm on the internet. She is Lillie Ross.

With fifteen years under her belt as a professional weight loss counselor for a company of International fame... Lillie preaches "common sense" ways to quickly and easily lose all the weight you want to lose without ever getting hungry!

Hey... we're talking no pills, no dieting, no hunger... You're going to love taking control of the way your body looks and the way you feel.

Lillie Ross, author of "Souper Weight Loss Secrets" is truly a breath of fresh air on the diet scene. The first thing she tells you is, "never go hungry, never deprive yourself of a food you really want... and for heavens sake, don't even think about taking a diet pill!"

Likewise, Lillie advises against buying expensive diet food packaged by the diet centers and big weight loss companies. She shows you how to easily make your own in your own kitchen and save a whopping 90% or more!

Does Lillie's "Souper Weight Loss Secrets" really work? Well, let's listen to a few people who have used it.

Here's a letter from Ron Roberts
who lives in Fort Pierce, Florida

 Hi Lil,

I started (your plan) at 239 lbs. the end of Oct. 2000. By May 1, 2001 I had gone down to 194 lbs.

As of today… Oct. 1, 2001… I weigh 196. I feel great and 1/2 the age I felt one year ago. (Actually) I will be 69 next month and I feel better than I did at 45! I eat all things from pizza to frozen yogurt, steaks, ribs, burgers etc.

Thank you Lillie!


Lillie's "Souper Weight Loss Secrets" reveals the recipe for a delicious vegetable soup called "Souper Soup" that will take 9 - 17 pounds off you in just seven days.

The 7-day recipe jump-starts your weight loss with NO hunger, no calorie counting, and allows you to eat many of the goodies you are eating right now! You'll eat three full meals every day of delicious food you buy in your supermarket and prepare in your own kitchen. No expensive, yucky tasting diet center food here.

Then, after your "jump start" quick weight loss week… Lillie takes you by the hand and helps you plan your menus so you will continue losing the pounds and inches you want to lose… quickly and easily.

You'll lose 20, 30, 45 pounds or more. Better yet, you'll keep it off while eating the foods you really like and/or crave… and without ever being hungry. You'll feel better, look better, and as Ron said above… you'll feel half your actual age…(only if you're over thirty.) :-)

Can you really lose that much weight that quickly with Lillie's "Souper Weight Loss Secrets?" Can you keep it off without strenuous exercise?

The answer is an unqualified YES! But, don't take our word for it. Take a look below at just a few snippets from the hundreds of letters and emails Lillie gets from the people who have succeeded with her plan.

(As per federal regulations, all letters and emails are available during business hours five days per week for public inspection in our office.)

 Here's a Small Sample of
What Others Say About Lillie's Plan

"Lillie, I really appreciate you…. I've already lost 22 lbs. and it feels GREAT!!!!"
Celia Bus - Pretoria, South Africa


"My results are really good, losing 10 lbs. so far… it doesn't feel like I'm "dieting" but I'm still losing (weight) and it's working!"
Melanie Jones - Imlay City, Michigan


"Lillie, Thanks for your help & support... lost 7 pounds in 7 days… and to this day have trimmed off 23 pounds."
Bill Short - Havana, Florida


"Dear Lillie,
Thank you for the souper soup (recipe.) I feel better than I have in a long time. I am not hungry and I have more energy."
Filomena Tucciarone - Southington, Connecticut


"Lillie: …I lost 7 lbs in the week… most weight I have ever lost in a week. I was surprised!… didn't get hungry… or anything!"
Louise Hancock - Farnstaple, N. Devon, England


"Dear Lillie,
Just wanted to let you know that I lost 8 pounds in one week, but gained back 1 pound and kept the rest off for 1 month even though I ate more.

Janet Epperson - Pittsboro, Indiana


"Hello Lillie,
My wife and I did the Souper Soup… both lost 9 lbs. …After 4 weeks she has lost a further 2 lbs. and I have dropped another 5 lbs…"
Alan Whitter - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


"Started your Souper Soup last Tuesday morning, 30th January at a weight of 113.96 kg. And finished Monday evening, 5th Feb at 107.80 kg. That's 6.16 kg or approx 13-1/2 pounds!

Many thx."
Andy Prince - Salisbury SA Australia


"Good Morning Lillie,

I subscribe to your news letter and have gained much from it and have lost 14 pounds YEA!!!!

Thanks for all the tips,

Dorothy Black - Fayetteville North Carolina
Testimonials are atypical. Your results may vary.

Yes, Lillie's "Souper Weight Loss Secrets" takes you by the hand and guides you step-by-step in quickly and easily losing all the weight you want to lose.

In fifteen years as a professional weight loss counselor, Lillie has discovered scads of little-known weight loss secrets. Many of these will melt fat off you like magic with absolutely no effort on your part! Lillie shares all of them with you in her "Souper Weight Loss Secrets" weight loss plan.

Here Are Just A Few of the Secrets Lillie Reveals:

Eat one of these delicious snacks before every meal and reduce your total calorie intake by almost one-third.

Here's the nearest thing to a natural "magic-potion" to help you lose weight. It's low cost and absorbs fat in your stomach... while telling your brain you are full. Use this to double the weight you lose with any weight loss program! (Secret #4)

This delicious beverage will automatically burn about 450 calories without any effort on your part! An added bonus... it reduces heart attack and cancer risk! (Secret #73)

Here is a simple but pleasurable little item available everywhere for only pennies that will increase your metabolic rate by 20% and take off 10 pounds with absolutely no effort on your part. (Secret #134)

Little-known facts on the food rated as the number one fat fighter... and at the same time, a major cancer fighter! Better yet... it's delicious!!! (Secret #84)

Here is an amazing weight loss elixir for you... it's practically free and it works every time. (Don't miss this!) (Secret #6)

Craving sugar-laden cookies and cakes? Here are delicious supermarket items to satisfy your craving... with no sugar, no fat and very little cost. (Secret #86)

Change the temperature of the water you drink and lose 6-1/2 pounds with no cost or effort on your part. This secret is worth its weight in gold! (see bottom of page 36)

Drink a cup of this delicious beverage before eating and curb your appetite just as effectively... but much cheaper, more enjoyable, and much safer than any diet pill you can buy anywhere! (Secret #116)

Why ordinarily good-for-you green leafy veggies could be a "natural" killer if you're on certain medications. This is far too important to ignore! (Secret #133)

A "do unto others" trick to help you through those times when you slip up, eat entirely too much and become depressed. (Secret #17)

Low cost Walmart gadgets to make your life easier and help you lose weight with little or no effort. (Pages 26 & 27)

How to use Apple Cider Vinegar to melt fat off your body like fire melts ice... while you eat three meals a day of delicious wholesome food... including desserts! (Secret #149)

Here are the best tasting potato recipes you've ever seen. Better yet... they will help you lose weight. (Secret #96)

Use this secret to add nuts to your weight loss program without gaining weight. (Secret #76)

Lillie's personal recipe for scrumptious low fat, low calorie breadfast muffins. (Secret #93)

You're going to absolutely love this one. "The little known secret why you see very few overweight people in China." It is not what you think. (Secret #85)

Can you actually lose weight while you sleep? This one is going to really surprise you! (Secret #148)

Here are delicious, but very low cost... yet healthy dishes guaranteed to take off the pounds you want to lose. Actually... they burn more calories to digest them than they add to your system! (Secret #83)

Here's how to use your posture to trim your tummy and burn extra calories with little or no effort. (Secret #130)

How the timing of something as simple as brushing your teeth can help you lose weight! (Secret #92)

Quickly and easily reduce the fat in a can of tuna... without altering the taste. (Secret #80)

Here's a turkey buying trick to save you half the money you'd ordinarily spend... and yet get a meal with only half the calories. (Secret #81)

Here's why depriving yourself of something you really love could be death to your weight loss program. (Secret #23)

How adjusting the temperature in your bedroom can help you lose weight! (Secret #132)

This simple and easy activity helps you avoid the "triggers" leading you to binge eating. (Secret #1)

Lillie's Low Fat Recipe for "Wraps." It's so umm-mm good... and yet very low in calories. (Secret #61)

How to deal with "saboteurs," those pencil-thin people who are always urging you to eat fattening foods. (Secret #10)

Enjoy this scrumptious homemade "smoothie" or shake recipe when you're on any weight loss plan. It's low calorie, low fat, low cost, and easy to make. (Page 17)

Did you know going hungry could cause you to gain weight? Here's why. (Secret #32)

Attention Chocoholics! Think you can't lose weight and satisfy your "addiction" at the same time? Think again! Better take a close look at this secret. (Secret #50)

Tempted to cheat on your weight loss plan? Here's a "mind game" to help you easily resist the temptation. (Secret #24)

Use these tricks to help you lose weight if you live and/or eat alone. (Secret #137)

Where to place a mirror to help you lose weight. (Secret #38)

16 fun and delicious treats you'll love because they add only 100 calories each. (Secret #59)

Would you believe... the color of your plate may affect your appetite. Yes! Here's how. (Secret #94)

Here's advice from your cat to help you easily and effortless lose weight. (Secret #57)

Instantly and easily eliminate 40 calories and 4.5 grams of fat from a slice of pizza just before you eat it. No change in taste! (Secret #98)

Try this on your cereal instead of milk. It tastes much better and adds fewer calories. (Secret #68)

Easily enjoy your favorite calorie-rich salad dressing without adding calories to your diet. This is one of the neatest tricks you've ever seen! (Secret #51)

Here are butter and margarine substitutes that will make your cakes light, moist and more delicious while reducing calories considerably. (Secret #60)

A simple and practically effortless way to burn extra calories while you read, play, or watch television. (Secret #120)

Here's how your plate can be your very best weight loss friend! This secret alone has sold in the thousands of copies for $39.95! (Secret #2)

The weight-loss miracle you've been waiting for! Cut 1,000 calories a day quickly and easily without dieting or exercise. Voted by Lillie's staff as her best secret ever. Thousands of this secret have been sold by a Dutch company for twenty bucks! (Secret #3)

My personal favorite Lillie recipe. A "scrump-deli-ocious" finger-lickin-super... low calorie, sugar-free Strawberry Pie. You'll love it... especially when we tell you it has only 38 calories per serving! Pig out and have two slices (or even the whole pie) and you're still not going to gain weight! (Secret #105)

There's more... much, much more that we don't have space to tell you about here.

Lillie's "Souper Weight Loss Secrets" is not yet available in bookstores, but you can get a copy direct from the publisher. Its low price is less than you'd pay for a tank of gasoline or dinner at any mediocre restaurant!

But, you don't have to risk a single solitary cent to get your copy. Send for Lillie's "Souper Weight Loss Secrets" right now. Spend a couple of evenings looking over what it tells you. Then, put the simple as 1 - 2 - 3 natural weight loss secrets into action. You must be completely happy in every way or it will not cost you anything... zilch... as in nothing!

That's how sure we are you will use these little-known secrets to quickly, easily, and safely become the trimmer, slimmer, sexier person you want to be!

You've seen professional weight loss plans advertised for $55.00, $65.00, and even $80.00 or more. Lillie's "Souper Weight Loss Secrets" is priced at only 19.95 plus $3.98 for shipping and handling.

But, you can try it in your own home for a full six months with no obligation to keep it. Get your copy right now and this time next week you will be well on your way to being that thinner, sexier, healthier you!

Lillie doesn't just drop this information on you to read. She virtually becomes your personal weight loss trainer and motivator. You'll get free access to Lillie's Weight Loss Support Group discussion board where you'll get help not only from Lillie, but also your fellow weight loss contemporaries.

It's easy to get Lillie's "Souper Weight Loss Secrets". All you have to do is Click Here to charge to your credit card through our super secure online site. We usually ship next business day!

If you prefer not to give your credit card information online... we understand. Simply send your name and address along with a check or money order in the amount of $23.93 to:

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Our guarantee is simple, solid, iron clad and unconditional. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason (or no reason at all) within the next six months... simply send us a letter requesting a refund. Your credit card will be credited immediately for your full purchase price... no questions asked... and you can keep the book to enjoy and use with our compliments!

How, you ask... can we afford to make such an offer? It's simple. We deliver a product worth much more than we ask for it. In business for ourselves for 37 years... we've found that 99.9% of our customers are rock-solid honest. We treat our customers right... and they in turn always treat us right!

Do we guarantee you will lose a certain number of pounds with Lillie's "Souper Weight Loss Secrets?" No… of course not. Beware of anyone who tells you such.

What we do guarantee is that you are in control… You are the "judge and jury." Unless you lose as much weight as you want… or if you're unsatisfied in any way you will get back your entire purchase price anytime within six months!

In closing... Lillie's "by-line" says it best... "here's to slimming down and feeling great,"

Guy Coalter
for Lillie Ross Productions

P.S. "If you want results tomorrow, You need to take action today!"

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