"I lost 17 inches in 35 days... 9 from my waist, 5 from hips and 3 from my chest.
Thanks Lillie!"

Bernadine Webber
Edmonton AB, Canada


  Who Is
Lillie Ross?

Here's How You Can Quickly & Easily Become That
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Lillie's Souper Weight Loss Secrets
Lillie's "Souper" Lite & Luscious Recipes
The Martha Washington Cook Book
The Thomas Jefferson Cook Book
Mississippi Slaves Tell It Like It Was

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The Food Remedy Handbook
The Vinegar Book
The Vinegar Anniversary Book
The Vinegar & Tea Book
Home Remedies from the Old South
The Depression Cook Book
America's First Cook Book
 "Uncommon Uses for Common Household Products"

 Sarah's Southern Comfort




Lillie's Souper Weight Loss Plan
Shows you how to lose 11 to 45 pounds & keep it off!
No Dieting - No Hunger - No Pills - No Drugs!

Lillie takes the popular "Souper Soup" recipe to an entirely
new level. Use the free recipe to lose 9 -17 lbs this week.
Then Lillie shows you how to eat all you want of almost
anything you want while you keep the weight off...
or continue to lose at a healthy clip until you've reached
your target weight.

It's easy with Lillie's secrets!
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"Souper Lite & Luscious"




     Electronic eBooks Offered by Other Publishers
The Idiot Proof Diet
The Negative Calorie Diet 
Get Fit While You Sit
Free for Seniors
The Easy-Does-It Diet

Cheat Your Way Thin

Ultimate Weight Loss


Supplements Offered by Lillie Ross Productions

Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets 
  "Lose 9 pounds EVERY 11 Days
by Dieting Smarter... Not Harder!"

A new advanced dieting system is gaining more favor each day as more and more people try it and rave about their results.

This weight loss plan is so simple, the originators named it "The Idiot Proof Diet." It is so simple... there is no way you can go wrong in putting the plan into action and losing weight!

The plan is based on showing you different foods to eat at different intervals each day... thus "tricking" your metabolism into burning more calories than you take in.

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              The Idiot Proof Diet




Win & End Your
Battle With the Scale





With Lillie's Plan,
Inches Are As Easy
To Lose As Pounds!




When you feel great
You also look great!




If You're Over 30
Lillie Can Help You
Feel Half Your Age!






Vinegar Anniversary Book

The Vinegar Anniversary Book now includes the very popular Emily's Vinegar Diet.

Check it out here....The Vinegar Anniversary Book


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No Problem! 

Here's an amazing new workout program that's the laziest way to get in shape you've ever seen.

How about 36 simple, effortless exercises you can do almost anywhere and any place - Get fit while you sit in your car, at your desk, or watch TV...

ACE certified personal trainer and fitness instructor, Jeff Ball reveals all in this revolutionary new workout program.

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